ARTIST: Miranda Peak

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Miranda Peak is a talented photographer and Full-Stack Developer for Art Hub Studio LLC.

Miranda maintains Art Hub’s website, manages Art Hub’s database, and is currently working behind the scenes to develop a multi-vendor website dedicated to YOU! This is a huge undertaking and it’ll be beneficial to our artists and collectors.

Although Miranda is a professional developer, they have a vast knowledge and aptitude for the Arts. Growing up with a strong passion for creativity, Miranda pursued formal education at Mills College in California enriching their knowledge of music and visual arts alongside their Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. They have experience in professional photography and sketch art. Miranda is proficient in digital design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Suite. Currently, Miranda is pursuing classes in mosaic design and composition, and is a self taught fiber artist.

Miranda’s photography will be represented by Art Hub Studio. Miranda has a melancholy style to their photographs. The subjects of Miranda’s photos generally contain the pragmatic and bitter sweet side of life. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Whether it be a dark feathered Corvus, a nostalgic scene fading from time, or the lingering cessation of a flower, Miranda’s photography will have you feeling wistful.

Miranda does a fantastic job of capturing movement in photography. They have photographs of instruments being played in motion and people bustling in a crowd to make images come alive.

Miranda is compiling a portfolio exhibiting the cultural struggles and differences of being raised mixed-heritage in a mono-ethnic culture: a recipe for ostracization, forced social isolation, and internalized racism at the hands of others. This portfolio will shine light on Miranda’s Japanese American half by construing illustrations of Miranda’s lineage following the second world war.

Art Hub Studio would be honored to represent people of mixed-heritage descent through this portfolio.

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Without Miranda Peak, Art Hub Studio LLC wouldn’t be able to function. Show your support for Miranda by browsing Miranda’s artwork on our store and blog.

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