Quality Prints
& Fair Revenue

Our mission is to:

"Maintain an art community that provides ease and support to artists so they may gain fair revenue, while standardizing the quality of Artist's prints to produce the same quality product for collectors with every purchase."

Received unfair commissions at other online art galleries? Not here.

Got a mass produced print that’s low quality? Not here.

What is Art Hub Studio LLC?

Art Hub Studio LLC is a startup company dedicated to solving two major problems with online art sales; fair revenue to artists and standards for high quality prints.

As of now, we are only selling stretched canvas and fine art prints of artwork. As the company grows, we’ll incorporate the sale of original art and possibly other printing methods.

How do artist commissions work?

Commissions are a flat rate per unit. Art Hub Studio LLC will discuss recommended commissions with the artist based on market research, time, and materials put into the art.

Here are the recommended commissions on the following chart.

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What ensures a quality print?

Care in the craft and attention to detail!

Here, at Art Hub Studio, we focus on quality over quantity.

Art Hub Studio LLC has a small local workshop in Upstate New York where quality material is used to handcraft beautifully framed and stretched canvases and fine art prints.

All products go through a standardized quality control check to ensure the color profile and materials are visually appealing for the collector.

You can guarantee to get a product that was cared for, start to finish.

How do you support this growing business?

Support us by visiting our online store here: Art Hub Studio Store.

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We are currently seeking funding opportunities to help launch this start up company. If you would like to help Art Hub Studio LLC grow you may donate here: Ko-fi.

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